Anonymous asked -- I know plenty of women wear makeup and certain clothes because it makes them feel good. I just can't help but feel that some of them make the "I do {XYZ} for myself, not for male attention!" comments out of guilt or shame though. As if they hate themselves for enjoying the male attention they get when wearing whatever, so they bluff it off. Is it loathsome and shameful to intentionally draw the 'Male Gaze' from time to time? Maybe I'm imagining the whole 'ashamed' thing. 

If it makes you happy and it doesn’t hurt others, then what’s the harm? 

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there is nothing wrong with being male.

there is nothing wrong with being female.

there is nothing wrong with being white.

there is nothing wrong with being “poc”.

there is nothing wrong with being straight.

there is nothing wrong with being gay or bi or asexual or anything else.

there is nothing wrong with being cis.

there is nothing wrong with being trans.

and the fact that people are being made to feeling guilty about any of these things on this site or irl is fucking disgusting.

rainbowsmashd asked -- Yep, another chiming in on the brony story. I was not only at the con in question, I was an artist in the Artist Alley. I never saw or heard about anything happening to a child. What makes me suspicious is that news of a guy getting kicked out of the con spread to everyone by the end of the day (for non-child related douchebaggery) and nobody but two people has info on an attempted child abduction. 

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Anonymous asked -- Also referring to the brony post: most mlp conventions are organized by bronies in the first place. 

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Anonymous asked -- Another thing on that Brony story, just 'cause the guy had an MLP shirt on doesn't mean he was a Brony. If you were a sex offender with a preference for young girls, doesn't it seem like that might be the kind of place you'd go & the way you'd dress? 

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Anonymous asked -- That dumb Brony post: 1) All cons pose an abduction/rape risk for anyone. People let their guard down way too low at cons, especially meeting online 'friends'. 2) Children should never be left unattended in a crowd. Don't let them wander off with 'new friends', certainly don't allow them to run around where ever they want. Basic parenting, yo. 3) Report [suspected] illegal activity to staff or police, immediately. As an adult you tell the girl she won't get in trouble and REPORT IT IMMEDIATELY. 

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Just a heads up, about the bronies post, I found another version:
And the story seems at least partially corroborated by the booth owner? But admittedly OP didn’t do the right thing of immediately informing staff/security about this problem.

This certainly throws a wrench into an already confusing situation.

But yes, should it actually prove to be true, they let a predator get off scot free, and that’s fucked up. 







Everything invented - political, social, material - needs justification; if it is not justifiable is redundant.  This applies to feminism just as much as anything else.

"It should exist because people ask why it should exist" is not a valid argument on its own.

I feel like the OP wasn’t going for a broad definition of justification and more so that by now everyone should understand why its justified. Though the point made is correct not everyone talks from a vastly literal standpoint. 

While that is very likely the underlying intention of the OP, it is not by any degree better. Assuming that “everyone should understand why my position is correct” is a redundant statement since it can be applied to any position or claim. 

As with everything, the devil is in the specifics - and whether these actually justify the proclamation of such an attitude.

This is probably the most asinine “I need feminism because…” statement yet.

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Major shout out to all the black athletes that believe in black love and marry a black woman. It’s a common thing that black athletes make to the league and abandon black women and marry outside their race. Major salute to them!

Post made by: @Oba_Tayo

When I tell people that while I lived in the US, some African-Americans treated dating or marrying interracially like it was betraying your race and nobody believed me, this is exactly what I was talking about.

"Abandon black women" my ass. Get the fuck over yourself, who they marry is none of your goddamned concern.

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i think feminism is really great and important but some people on this website use it as an excuse to be absolute dickwads to boys and it seems like they are striving for dominance, not equality. 


i am a 16 year old girl 

Anonymous asked -- How dare those men try and take MLP away from little girl. Even tho the creators of the show where heavily for people of all age and gender enjoying it. But when I wanna be intro comicbooks WELL THEN I'M A VALID PART OF THE MEDIA! Comicbooks are for everyone! What's that DC says their target demographic is 12 year old boys? Oh well guess I'll just have to go some other place I'm not wanted and complain it doesn't suit me. Like video games. 

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Anonymous asked -- I really hope theroguefeminist is a troll blog, but something tells me she's for real. 

I’m leaning more towards a legit moron myself…

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I literally do not care about your gender, sexuality or skin colour.

I literally only care about whether you’re a nice fucking human being or not.

so basically you’re racist, sexist and homophobic

How, how, how, could that possibly be interpreted that way.  Just that statement by itself is baffling.

A word about bronies.







So I just got back last night from a brony convention in San Francisco. I was working a booth for a vendor friend, and let me tell you what happened:

We met a little girl who was there with her family. She got a button drawn at our booth, told us all about her favorite ponies, and was overall just too damn cute. She had an MLP lanyard filled with pins she’d gotten in the vendor’s room, and gave me a Fluttershy pin because she liked my cosplay. She ended up just hanging out with us for a while and bein’ super cute. We call her Babby because she’s 11 and precious.

The next day, she runs up to the booth, terrified, and asks if she can please hide under our table for a few minutes. Turns out a dude had been following her around the con all day, and tried to get her to come up to his hotel room. Alone. She tells us she thought he was okay at first because he was wearing an MLP shirt, but she didn’t want to go anywhere with him, and he made her uneasy. At one point, after she’d refused, he grabbed her arm in the elevators and tried to get her to follow him. She ran, and now she wants somewhere to hide.

We tell her of course, hurry her behind our booth and fucking station ourselves around her because she’s eleven years old and all of us are prepared to physically attack the human trashheap who tries to fuck with her. We’re all dressed up in wings and ears and we’re 100000% prepared to rip them off and launch across that table to defend this kid. Eventually this very large dude strolls by, very obviously looking around, and she quietly points him out to us. At this point I’m ready to set him on fire, but when I ask if she needs me to go report him, she shakes her head. She doesn’t want to get in trouble, or make anyone mad.

We see him a few more times over the course of the day, because he keeps meandering over to our booth and just casually looking around. Eventually he actually stops to take a flier from our table and asks us a question, and we coldly send him on his way. We start sending a coworker with Babby whenever her parents aren’t around and she wants to go check out artist’s alley or the vendor’s hall. Because otherwise she’s not safe. She can’t run around and freely enjoy a convention about a show aimed at her, because instead of being surrounded by peers she’s somehow surrounded by men who pose a threat to her.

My point here: this is why I fucking hate “bronies.” Because grown-ass men are flooding into a space carved out for children—often little girls—and are making it unsafe for them.

I met a lot of non-awful people there, of course. I met a lot of parents and older siblings. A lot of adorable little boys who were happy to empathize with female characters, and a lot of little kids who wanted a picture with cosplays of their favorite pony. I met a lot of people who were cool and nice and just liked cartoons. I met a male Pinkie Pie cosplayer with a Fluttershy lady-friend who juggled and spun plates and was happy to entertain kids, and were generally just really cool people.

But I also met a lot of skeevy dudebros. A lot of guys in fedoras loudly discussing sexual shit in a room with children. Guys who drew/sold/displayed really fucking inappropriate “fanart,” including gross bodypillows that had no purpose in a little kids’ toy convention. I met a guy who gushed with absolute glee about the pleasure he derives from “corrupting innocence.” I met a lot of people who wanted to take something sweet and nice for children and make it about THEM. A lot of guys who wanted to make it about their dicks. People who made it UNSAFE for the intended audience to even be in attendance.

So yeah. If you call yourself a brony, I’m prolly not gonna trust you. Because I’ve seen y’all in action, and I am not impressed. Frankly I’m infuriated. This is like a bunch of gross neckbeards swarming Disneyland and shoving kids out of the way so they can grope Cinderella, and finding nothing wrong with it because they think they’re entitled to it.

My Little Pony is a really cute show with a lot of nice messages for kids, and gross brony shitweasels are trying to fucking take it from them by force. And I will fight them.

Because this totally wasn’t just made up for notes.  You know, like the claims of sexual harassment that allegedly took place at Everfree Northwest of the voice actresses of the Cutie Mark Crusaders that the VA’s themselves openly debunked on Twitter as being complete lies.



Or the person that claimed their four-year-old that they apparently LEFT UNATTENDED ON THE INTERNET was magically able to utilize a search engine, and understood the context of an alleged image that is psychologically impossible for a four-year-old to grasp.

Also, you said above that this fictional child told you not to tell their parents, and then you claim you got their permission to post about the incident on Tumblr, which would imply that you did tell them (but apparently, only when it was convenient for you to do so, and not when the child would have actually been in danger).  On top of this, police take reports of attempted child abduction VERY FUCKNG SERIOUSLY.  If you really did report an incident like this, they would have been on the scene immediately, regardless of “lack of evidence”.  No legitimate police officer would just ignore a call about an attempted kidnapping and assault of a child.

You know what’s really repulsive here?  People who deliberately make up overwhelmingly obvious stories about the sexual harassment of a little girlYou’re literally the one creating a disgusting, sexual story about a child.

If you’d like to consider it, I invite you to read through this, and then ruminate a little on how exactly anyone is “taking anything away” from anyone else.  You’re also welcome to read through this, and perhaps rethink your decision to make sweeping generalizations about large groups of people just for a little internet popularity.  Oh, and before you try to play the “You must be a morbidly obese, cishet, white, male neckbeard pedophile in a fedora!” card that people like you are so quick to throw around, I must regretfully inform you that I’m a 31-year-old French/Lebanese woman from the midwest that grew up with My Little Pony in the 80’s, and whose wisdom that has come with age and experience has made her pretty goddamn adept at detecting bullshit.

I think this is fabricated too. OP said that the convention was yesterday last night. I decided to google local conventions in San Francisco. The only con i could find was BABSCon and that was from April 18th-20th and today is the 22nd. Since the post was posted 9 hours ago, that ment that the post was made on the 21st and BABSCon ended on the 20th. Not only that, i decided to also Google small little meetups and i didn’t find anything. Unless this was some underrated con that was recently made and it had "Large groups" of people walking around.

It’s unlikely OP went to BABSCon (I mean, they didn’t even mention the name which is a DEAD giveaway) and the way they worded their post just reeks of Anti Brony hate. Just because someone calls themselves a Brony doesn’t mean they’re neckbeards and wear fedoras 24/7. That stereotype is beginning to be annoying.

Besides, why didn’t OP contact con staff to help Babby?

So, not only did they contradict themselves regarding contacting the parents, allegedly engaged in counter-productive measures that would have been detrimental to the child’s well being, and insinuate that the police wouldn’t take a case of possible child abduction seriously (and that the entire con wouldn’t have been put on an Amber Alert, and had the entire premises locked down, and the exits monitored), but there wasn’t even a single convention going on in the area they claimed, at the time they claimed it.

Yet another clear-cut case of someone circulating blatant lies in order to gain notes and attention.


I think the thing I hate about this the most is that on the off chance this wasn’t entirely fabricated out of thin air, that there is possibly some pedophile now wandering around free because OP decided it was a better idea to make this into a tumblr post instead of going to the police, putting more children than just Babby in danger now. Good job.

- Twilly

This is another example of crap that helps no one. How is it possible that you hate a group of people enough to make up fictional stories about pedophilia and child abduction.Seriously, OP, what is wrong with you? Are you that desperate for notes? :/

If any of this really happened, you’re totally in the wrong, and you totally handled this poorly. Everything everyone above me has said is right - police take missing child notifications or attempted child abductions very seriously. If children go missing in grocery stores they shut the whole operation down and don’t let anyone in or out of the complex until the child is found.

OP deleted the post. Can’t say I’m surprised.

If you hate bronies, fine, whatever. But don’t make up shit like this in order to ‘justify’ your hatred. You’re taking attention away from real victims of this crap, and for what? To try and get others to buy into your opinions of others?