Nothing irks me more than people poking fun at feminism or rape. Why don’t you poke fun at the rich white men who are destroying the world. Why do we always have to make fun of people who are oppressed? 

Women are not oppressed in the western world.



This is Rebecca Brink’s response to Women Again Feminism. 

This is not smart, funny, cute, or make you a supporter of women. Many anti-feminists are rape and sexual assault survivors. Telling them they don’t know what it’s like or saying they don’t care about rape victims is a huge f-you to them. Telling non-feminist women they deserve to be raped and sexually harassed or say their abuse drove them not to support feminism is an even bigger f-you. You know the real reason why people distrust feminists? Because extremists like this only care about the inner circle. These people claim to fight against misogyny, but become ironically misogynistic to women with different opinions. If you don’t agree with Women Against Feminism, fine, that’s your right. But this crosses the line. It’s no excuse to act this way. It’s disgusting and immature and no dictionary or “that’s not real feminism” isn’t going to change that. People are praising this and calling these women heroes for being gross and patronizing to non-feminist women and it’s not funny. 

-Indigo (who’s disappointed) 

There are female “anti-feminist” rape/abuse survivors that don’t call themselves feminist because they were sick of the feminists who think only men can be rapists.



Fake Geek Girls (x)

Says the feminists in the same breath they say antifeminists women are only antifeminists for male attention.



Some of my favourite posts on twitter pointing out the ridiculousness of the #WomenAgainstFeminism tag.

friendly reminder that women =/= feminism

god forbid women have opinions that differ from your hivemind!

That fucking first tweet and third tweet.

"Your opinion is just to get brownie points with men. You couldn’t have formulated that on your own, no sir."

THAT is sexism, you dumbass. 

And I love the NAFALT and third wavers riding the coattails of the first wavers who actually did shit. 

And isn’t it odd how basically all these tweets are either insults, emotional guilt trips, or using third world problems that these people don’t experience instead of, you know, actual rebuttals. 







You can’t teach the bad out of bad people…

This is dumb

It’s not that fucking complicated. You shouldn’t fucking rape people. All of that is irrelevant. Yeah, teach children not to play with fire because it’s dangerous and also YOU CANNOT TEACH FIRE. However, you can teach people to not violate other people sexually. You can teach people to respect others’ boundaries when it comes to sex. We shouldn’t have to teach people to protect themselves against rape when people shouldn’t fucking rape to begin with.

To be fair a few of the analogies were terrible, but how about this:

  • Don’t teach people to get security systems for their homes, teach thieves not to steal.
  • Don’t teach people to wear seat-belts, teach people to drive better.
  • Don’t teach kids not to walk by themselves with strangers, teach pedophiles not to prey on children.
  • Don’t teach people to protect themselves, teach murderers not to kill.

The point being that “teaching men not to rape” is stupid on multiple levels, the main level being that teaching men not to rape, which is already something that is embedded in (each word is a link) us from birth, is not going to stop rape from happening. Obviously, people don’t commit crimes because they didn’t know it was wrong before they did it. And, contrary to the popular beleif perpetuated by the rape culture hysteria, reported rapes are actually at a 20-year low.

Ask yourself this: When the fuck was the last time you saw a convicted rapist say: “I wouldn’t have raped her if I knew rape was wrong! It’s society’s fault, not mine!” I cringed typing every word of that quote because of the sheer amount stupidity in it, but this is the argument you are making when you say men should be “taught” not to rape. That (1.) men apparently didn’t know that the act was heinous before they did it, and (2.) that rape is a male-only crime.









Nothing. There is nothing wrong with it. I don’t know why these women are so vehemently against it.

It’s not “teaching women not to get raped”, it’s teaching PEOPLE to be aware of their surroundings, to understand that not everyone has the best intentions, and that being in a position to defend yourself is a lot better than living in an indignant misinformed bubble where you believe that self-defence classes are “problematic” and nobody should look out for their own security.

Granted, in a perfect world nobody SHOULD have to protect themselves, but then it would be just that—a perfect world. That’s not the world we live in, in fact we live in a very imperfect world, so we might as well adapt and learn something that is beneficial to our safety and survival.

"In the instances when POC say shit like ‘Oh I can’t stand white folk’ or ‘Damn white people’, they aren’t saying ‘Oh I think they are inferior, I want to humiliate them, abuse them, enslave them and wipe out their people!’, they’re saying ‘Damn, after a couple hundred years of white people thinking I’m inferior, humiliating me, abusing me, enslaving me, and trying to wipe out my people, I don’t wanna deal with them.’ The context is completely different."

Briana (via kingkundalini)

If I wasn’t tired I would explain why this is annoying bullshit

(via subtle-queen)

One would probably start by pointing out you haven’t personally lived for 200 years, you haven’t personally been enslaved, and unless you’ve been in certain parts of Africa in the past few decades you probably haven’t had to personally fight to survive genocide.  So stop using other peoples struggles as an excuse to dehumanize others based on features they cannot control.

(via sjwstupidity)

tumblr: fuck bodyshaming! putting someone down based on their appearance is such a shitty thing to do!
tumblr: *1365748 variants of the same 'all girls are beautiful and 90% of boys look like something an elephant just shit out' text post floating around with 40k+ notes each*


If you try to tell me we don’t need feminism you are an idiot

Instead of that, imma tell you to look into how google searches work and how they personalize results so you find the shit you want. This doesn’t mean crap. Get a better argument.



Object/Subject Dichotomy ?

Feminists love dehumanizing and mocking people. The M&M’s argument anyone? Also just about anytime you try to debate one on here you get a post filled with colorful gifs and no common sense/sources/facts just there to be obnoxious.

I’m not surprised they can’t seriously sit down and discuss these women’s choice not to follow feminism.


Why some women use Grindr to play games with gay men


Can you imagine what would happen if…

Anonymous asked -- That post about the destruction of the LGBT community is painfully accurate. For decades people fought to have being gay or trans recognized as an innate thing that wasn't a choice... now entitled teenagers are spitting in their faces before saying "I feel plant-y today, plantself pronouns until further notice! Oo, wait, no, I'm digisexual, that sounds cool!" 

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gendersexualityAnonymousask box
Anonymous asked -- Bronies do something to make conventions more comfortable for attendees. "OMG what a bunch of fuckbags, who do they think they are, bronies are literally the worst!" This is straight up hating a group purely to hate. There's no reasoning behind it, they just want something to hate and blame and cry about. 

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Am I the only one who think that LGBT community is not about LGBT people anymore?


Welcome to Trans Community in 2014

  1. where having sex dysphoria is “privilege”
  2. where transitioning is internalised cissexism
  3. where everyone should probably chose to be nonbinary
  4. where there are no “men” and “women” anymore, just afab and amab people
  5. where being trans is…







Introducing Color Communications Badges

We want to make sure everyone has an amazing and fun weekend at BronyCon, but we also know that it can be overwhelming to meet and be around so many people in such a small space. For 2014, we’re trying something new and we hope that it will have a positive impact on the brony fandom and on the convention community at large.

We’ve adapted the color-coded badges popularized by the Autistic Self Advocacy Network (ASAN) and made them available for people who want to express their communication preferences quickly and non-verbally. By doing this, you can notify everyone whether you want to be approached for interactions or not.

Here’s what the badges look like and what they mean:

  • "Come Talk To Me!" A person wearing a green badge is actively seeking interaction. They may have trouble initating conversations, but it’s okay to come up and start a conversation with them.

  • "Do I Know You?" A yellow badge means its wearer only wants to talk to people they recognize. Unless you’ve met this person face-to-face before, don’t start a conversation with them. If they start talking to you, you’re welcome to talk back.

  • "Not Right Now." If a person has a red badge showing, they do not want anyone to talk to them. They may approach others to talk, in which case it’s okay to respond. But unless you’ve been told you’re on someone’s “red list”, don’t start interacting with them.

If you see someone wearing a yellow or red badge, please respect their wishes. If you are wearing a red or yellow badge and someone is harassing you by not respecting your preference, find the nearest BronyCon staff member immediately.

If you’d like more information on The Autistic Self Advocacy Network or the Color Communication Badges, please visit

To download your own Color Communication Badges, visit

Thanks a ton to autisticadvocacy for helping us out with this!

If you are an eagle-eyed viewer - and I know you are - you might be wondering why we’re not just using ASAN’s template. After some discussion and testing, we found that there were a few things we wanted to change. Here’s what they are, and why we changed them.

First, we changed the “red” shape to a square instead of an octagon. We got feedback that the octagon was hard to differentiate from the green circle at a distance. The square is easier to see, and still means “stop” in the media world, so it works. We also considered an X.

Second, we changed the “yellow” shape to a horizontal line instead of a triangle. The combination of yellow and triangle on a badge was problematic, so we tried to come up with another shape that would work.

Third, the colors are tweaked so that, even to colorblind people, the colors are distinguishable. These badges are actually specifically not BronyCon’s brand colors, as we intend for them to be used by any convention or event (or person!) who wants to.

Last, it’s not apparent from this picture, but the three badges are actually printed with different colors on each side. There is a red/yellow one, a yellow/green one, and a green/red one. This is because lanyards twist and turn, and we want to make sure that when you display a red badge, your lanyard doesn’t turn and make it into a green badge! You can always order your badges so the right color is on the outside.

I really hope that this is the start of fan conventions picking this up and running with it. We only have a limited supply at BronyCon, but I’m hoping that we have to go out and print more during the weekend!

But bronies.


"But Bronies" what?

Don’t leave us hanging tumblr user @witherwhetherwonder

Explain, EXPLAIN!

Wow, you’re kind of proving my point.

I, too, am a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. I’ve watched all the episodes (excluding the most recent season, I haven’t gotten to that yet) and the horrible Equestria Girls movie, and I own a Fluttersly plushie, a ponies coloring book, a Celestia keychain and a printed copy of a picture of me as a pony. I refer to episodes when it’s relevant to the conversation or situation, I use the ponies’ personalities to describe certain friends, and I’ve gotten several other people to get into the show as well. However, I choose not to identify with the fandom because they are associated with some truly horrible people and ideas. I understand the horrible people are probably a minority, but they are what the fandom is known for, and what the show has now become associated with.

It’s supposed to be a kids show. Like, kid-appropriate. But this subset of bronies has sexualized the characters and situations. Pony porn is now a thing. You can buy wifu pillows of ponies sprawled sexily. You can even get fuckable plushies of the ponies. This is just so inappropriate and wrong on so many levels.

There was a terminally ill boy who’s request through the Make A Wish Foundation was to get a character on the show. They did it, and let him even voice the character! The creators and those in charge SPECIFICALLY asked the brony fandom to NOT MESS with that character. And bronies did.

They found a background pony whose eyes weren’t animated to go in the same direction and quickly made her into a big deal, coining the name Derpy, which is offensive to mentally disabled people. They’ve even managed to make her such a big deal you can find tons of merchandise for Derpy too. The character herself isn’t so much a problem as the name and the fact that the fandom uses her to joke about the disabled.

Bronies are associated with “fedoras”, men’s rights activism, and just general douchebaggery and sexism. They are known for having a really skewed view of the world and others, and what they’re entitled to just by being born male. Even if they do a couple good things that doesn’t undo the shitty things they’re known for.

In case you want more things to look at, here are some tumblrs devoted specifically to bronies sucking: , ,

That being said, I think the badge communication system is a really great thing and I hope it leads to better understanding of those with social difficulties, and I hope it leads to others honoring boundaries and being respectful of others. I hope it catches on for other conventions and maybe general social gatherings. People who have difficulty communicating openly with strangers could really benefit from a way of letting others know they don’t want to be approached, autistic or not. I think it could even be a good relating point between those with autism and those who are allistic but aren’t so comfortable around other people. Cons can be really overwhelming even for people who are generally comfortable with others, and if the badge system is successful it would be a way for less-social people to feel more comfortable in a crowded environment. If they know they won’t have unwanted interactions, they might be less intimidated by the con environment and might be more likely to go to a con if that’s something they’ve wanted to do. I really support the original post and the idea of the badges, I am just surprised at the source. I genuinely hope the toxicity of the brony fandom doesn’t affect the success of the project. Only time will tell.

Whoo, boy.  Time to dismantle some more rubbish.

I’m going to go through this post bit by bit, as this person is clearly writing from not only a very extreme bias hellbent on clinging to generalizations, but also one that has been horribly misinformed to boot.

For starters, you’re complaining about “the poor children!” while completely disregarding a few things:

  1. People have been making adult content for cartoon characters literally since animation began.  Go google “Tijuana bibles”.  It’s been going on for nearly 100 years now.  You should probably be aware, too, that this isn’t a male-dominated practice.  Go look up anything regarding Transformers, Xiaolin Showdown, or Team Fortress 2, and see how long it takes you to stumble upon gay porn drawn by women.  Hell, there are even naked player models for TF2.
  2. In fact, A lot of the people producing adult content in this fan base are women.  Though, I’m sure you’ll just continue to deny this.
  3. When it comes to mature content, the main places that house it have built-in filters that keep such content from showing up in a google Safe Search.  Tumblr blogs marked as NSFW are not searchable, and filters on mature content at Derpibooru need to be manually disabled.  The fandom itself actually took it a step further, and initiated a multi-fandom project to make sure that Safe Search is as safe as the name would imply (and frankly, it’s already doing a damn good job).  And, let’s face it, hon: You know damn well that no child should be left unaccompanied on the internet without parental filters enabled in the first place.  If you think two-dimensional drawings are the worst things one can find on the internet, than you’re astoundingly innocent.  You can literally go to Youtube, type in “Budd Dwyer suicide”, and watch a man shoot himself through the back of the head in front of an entire press conference.  There are also four of the Faces of Death films on Youtube in full.  Frankly, “naughty” ponies should be the LEAST of a parent’s concerns.
  4. Not only is no one “taking anything away” from little girls, but if it weren’t for the older members of the fandom that are able to provide consumer feedback to the company, there wouldn’t have been an increase in the quality of the toys, and there wouldn’t be anywhere near the amount of merchandise available for it.  In fact, it weren’t for these “grown men” you speak of (and, by the way, the members of this fan base now number from between seven to twelve million people.  And you honestly believe they’re all adult males?  Really?), the show certainly wouldn’t be approaching its fifth season, nor would it have spun off it’s own sub-franchise (Equestria Girls).

In regards to Sylvain Portlance and Stellar Eclipse:

Regarding Derpy Hooves:

Regarding your (seriously pathetic) connections of “fedoras”, “misogyny”, etc:

The very fact that you linked a bunch of anti-brony sites just goes to show what kind of a person you are.  For starters, these are people that intentionally go to places they know they don’t like, digging around for anything that they can twist into a negative.  They cherry pick behaviors from an extreme minority, and then put them on display as though they represent all fans.  Once again, we’re talking between seven and twelve million people.

And, by the way, the woman who created the series knows very well about the fan base, and is entirely supportive of it, as well as disagrees with the viewpoint of it that you’re currently expressing.


Also, for good measure, here’s a woman that works on the IDK MLP:FiM comic also calling bullshit on brony stereotypes.

The attitudes of people like you seriously make me fucking sick.  Even after children are bullied, and after another boy tried to KILL HIMSELF due to being bullied for liking ponies, you still continue to gleefully smear your bullshit on every surface you encounter.  Hell - some complete and utter assholes decided to even try to sabotage the charity drive to pay for his medical bills.  But no - it’s the “big, mean, BRONIES!” that SAVED HIS FUCKING LIFE that are the “bad guys”.  You can go fuck yourself right off the edge of a cliff.

Lastly, this fan base has accumulated hundreds of thousands of dollars for numerous charities worldwide, and have been doing so since the middle of season ONE (i.e., before the existence of an older fandom was even that widely known).

Meanwhile, people like you sit behind your computer screens, spewing forth rivers of bile out of your own discomfort with males embracing something even remotely “feminine”.  Because let’s face it, sweetie - you know damn well that’s the REAL reason for the insecurities you’re putting on display here.

Grow the fuck up, and get a fucking life.

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yourstrulyafterall asked -- Hahahaha did they really just link you to a tumblr text post to prove that rape culture isn't real? Hahaha and then in the same "argument" they throw in "just because you say something it doesn't mean its real." HAHAHAH. I don't even know what they want you to address anymore, and I don't think they can see you pretty much served them over their snotty sense of superiority. 




Yeah it just boils down to the fact that they’re awful human beings incapable of empathy. They’re dwindling in numbers though so let them hang on to their bullshit ideologies and lose any shred of dignity they may have once possessed.

How about the fact that we persecute rape with more zeal than any other crime?

Beyond reasonable doubt doesn’t apply to rape.

Feminists wish to slander accused names before convicted. 

Feminists against beyond reasonable doubt when it’s male rapists.

Feminist changes mind on rape culture when her son is falsely accused.

Universities strip basic rights from the accused. 

Change federal rules of evidence for men accused of rape.

Or that we continuously allow the lives of falsely accused to get ruined, and fail to persecute false accusers.

Women sent man to jail, won millions, then discovered her claim was false. She asks to let bygones be bygones. Because she was worried about her money.

Boy accused of rape, found innocent, but committed suicide.

Innocent mane urged to accept plea bargain.

Boy found innocent and killed by gang

Woman makes 11 false rape allegations.

Boy beaten to a pulp after being found innocent

Girlfriend cries rape when dad finds out about her BF, he gets murdered.

Mohammad Asif: “I keep thinking, ‘I just dropped her off, she was just a normal passenger, why has she done that?” -accused by said passenger of raping her at knifepoint - would be in jail except was exonerated by voice recording app on hsi phone.

Soner Yasa: four drunk women reported to police that he had sexually assaulted them as a ploy to refuse to pay a $13 cab fare- Once again he’d be in jail if not for video surveillance in his cab.  Over $13

A University’s Shame: How Brown betrayed one of its students

Park Si Hoo Is Cleared Of All Charges Stemming From Anti-Defamation Lawsuit Filed By The CEO Of His Former Talent Agency

False accusation will cost woman $55,000

Husband falsely accused of child rape wins $1.2 million from ex-spouse

The blogosphere is abuzz with controversy over a Beaverton, Oregon’s judge’s sentencing of a 19-year-old woman for filing false rape charges.

Man Awarded $852,000 in Civil Court After Ex-Wife Falsely Accuses Him of Sexual Abuse

The Aftermath of the Duke Lacrosse Rape Case

People exonerated after being falsely accused. 

Schoolboy, 16, died after he was falsely accused of raping a girl by mobs who terrorised his neighbourhood

Virginia Woman Falsely Accuses Man Of Rape And Sends Him Away For Four Years Before Recanting … Given Just 60 Days In Jail To Be Served On Weekends

And since I know this is only in reference to a rape culture toward women victims, how about the fact that men can be sued for not having sex, women use sex as bargaining chip, and people view women demanding sex as empowering? 

Or the plethora of anti rape ads we have? 

In 1990, this anti-rape PSA aired.

Another 90s anti-rape PSA that aired in Arizona.

In 2013, this anti-rape PSA went viral.

An anti-rape PSA in the UK.

MTV ran a PSA against human trafficking.

The United States Navy ran an anti-sexual assault PSA.

In 1994, My So-Called Life’s pilot episode dealt with near date rape.

In 2003, Dawson’s Creek dealt with attempted date rape.

In 1996, Party of Five dealt with attempted date rape.

In 1989, 21 Jump Street ran an episode where a female character who played a cop is raped.

The popular TV show Degrassi ran this PSA before an episode dealing with sexual assault.

Kurt Cobain explains that Nirvana’s song “Rape Me” is an anti-rape song.

In 1991, Sublime released an anti-date rape song on their 40oz to Freedom single called “Date Rape”.

In 1991, Tori Amos released a song about rape on her Little Earthquakes album called “Me and a Gun”.

In 1993. Tupac released a song on his Strictly 4 My N.I.G.G.A.Z. album called “Keep Ya Head Up” questioning how men treat women, as he says, "Since we all came from a woman / Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman / I wonder why we take from our women / Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? / I think it’s time to kill for our women"

In 2001, Aus-Rotten released a song on their The Rotten Agenda album called “The Second Rape” discussing rape and how the justice system deals with rape.

In 2006, Cancerslug released a song called “Within Her Skin” about a rape victim who killed her rapist, bought a gun, and became a vigilante killing other rapists. This is reminiscent of serial killer Aileen Wuornos.

In 2001, Immortal Technique released a haunting song on his Revolutionary Volume 1 album called “Dance with the Devil” about gang violence, drugs, and rape.

Life Goes On in 1992 has an episode dealing with rape.

Beverly Hills 90210 dealt with many issues like gay rights, animal rights, domestic violence and yes, date rape.

In 1988, ABC ran an After School Special about date rape.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, better known as Zack from Saved by the Bell, appeared in a TV film addressing date rape.

In 1995, the tv show Blossom ran an episode about date rape.

In 1995, the film Higher Learning showed a scene where a college woman is raped. The rapist is later confronted by a group of men and forced to apologize while being outed as a sexual predator in front of his frat.

In Kill Bill, the Bride is raped while in a coma, facilitated by Buck, a male nurse. When she awakens from her coma she bites off the tongue of her attacker, then murders Buck by slamming his head in the door of the hospital room. When I saw this in theaters, people cheered when she got revenge.

In Cape Fear, the rapist character is portrayed as evil. In the 1962 film he is sent back to prisonin the 1991 film he is left to drown.

In the 1996 film Eye for an Eye, the rapist is portrayed as evil and later killed for his crimes.

In the 1972 film Deliverance, a man is raped by two hillbillies and later murdered for their crimes.

In Last House on the Left, the rapists are portrayed as evil and later murdered for their crimes in both the 1972 film and 2009 film.

In the 1971 film Dirty Harry, Clint Eastwood’s character Harry Callahan is quoted as saying,"Yeah, well, when an adult male is chasing a female with intent to commit rape, I shoot the bastard that’s my policy." 

In the 1983 film Sudden Impact, Dirty Harry murders more rapists in the name of justice.

In Straw Dogs, the rapists are portrayed as evil and murdered for their crimes in both the1971 film and 2011 film.

In the 1995 film Braveheart, a man is allowed to enact revenge on a soldier who raped his wife. William Wallace also goes on a killing spree after his secret wife is executed for rejecting a soldier that was attempting to rape her.

In the 2007 film Teeth, the lead character seeks out rapists in order to bite their dicks off with her vagina plus teeth.

There are currently over 300 Law and Order: Special Victims Unit episodes, the majority of them portraying rapists as only men.

The NO EXCUSES campaign was started in 2011 addressing issues like rape in the military.

The Onion satirized the media coverage of the Steubenville rape with this video that aired on Comedy Central.

Or the fact that rape is no where near as common as feminists make it out to be.

1 in 5 is bullshit.

Most feminists backed studies are bullshit.

Rape culture is bullshit. and stats prove it.

Anywhere from 97-8% of rape claims are false.

1-12 also bullshit.

Just how many men are rapists?

RAINN disses rape culture.

Campus rape myth

…..the irony of her response is hilarious.

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