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"Condoms don’t fit me."

"condoms break so easily. it’ll be safer just to pull out babe"

friction is a thing

just saying

Here we have two examples of people who have no idea of how condoms work and I hope never have the need to use one.

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Save Satinah Ahmad from execution in Saudi Arabia

When Satinah’s employer tried to smash her head into a wall after months of alleged abuse, Satinah defended herself with a rolling pin.

The 41 year-old foreign domestic worker now faces execution in Saudi Arabia as early as tomorrow.

Call on the King of Saudi Arabia to spare Satinah’s life>

It takes one minute guys. JUST ONE MINUTE.


Is it just me or does the link not work?

here’s a working link.

Anonymous asked -- people being like "why do bras and pads cost i didn't choose to be a girl" its like ??? why do jeans and toilet paper cost i didn't choose to be a human? 

A bunch of my relatives just collectively laughed at the idea that little boys might need support and can have low self esteem.

The group includes three grown men.


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Friendly reminder  ԅ(≖‿≖ԅ) that if you don’t sleep with someone for the sole reason that they’re HIV positive then you ARE being discriminatory towards a human being with a disease and you’re scum of the earth 。◕‿◕。 It’s basically as bad as saying you couldn’t love somebody with cancer. Respect people’s feelings. (◕‿◕✿)












I have a few copies of “Playboy” from the 1970s stashed away somewhere. One of them has a letter where a guy writes in saying, “I met this really gorgeous, sweet woman, and we were planning to get married, but she sat me down yesterday and told me that she had a sex change before she met me. Mr. Hefner, should I marry someone who used to be a man?” and the response was, “So she had a sex change, big whoop. Would you be asking this question if she’d made any other change in her life before she met you? You love the woman she is now, and that’s all that should matter. If you want kids you can adopt or something.”

I feel so conflicted right now

Do you guys SERIOUSLY not know that Hugh Hefner is super respectful of women and doesn’t play around with peoples misogynistic bullshit?

just because you want to be surrounded by hot ladies 24/7 doesn’t mean you’re a douchebag

not being a douchebag is the best way to be surrounded by hot ladies 24/7

Should also be noted, from watching The Girls Next Door, the Playmates decide on everything they do. All photoshoots and all the spreads in the magazines and calendars are their ideas and their doing. Hef is only there to give his stamp of approval.

None of those girls do things they don’t want to do, and he’s supportive of whatever.

i actually love this man

textbooksociopath asked -- Why are you deleting 😔 



Tumblr is a major distraction for me. I’m trying to get a BA in history so I can become a teacher! I don’t think I’ll be deleting, though, just very less active once my spring break is over.

Please, don’t ever become a history teacher. Like, ever. 

From your previous post:

You: All right, then when have whites been enslaved by a POC?

How can you seriously talk about becoming a teacher of history if you don’t even know of such thing as a slave trade which included enslavement of Slavs (Croats, Serbibans, Ukrainians, Rusisans) by the Ottoman Empire?

How can you, aiming to get a BA in history, not know about something so obvious? Or Slavs are not white in your view?

Your views are a mess, OP, and my sincere advice is to really sort them out before you proceed with any career choice. It’s children’s future we are talking about, future you can mess up by teaching them bullshit. 









holy shit




Christ I hate this

Yeah. Let’s ignore how girls bullying me for believing I was a lesbian, girls didn’t want to come near me because they thought I was gay, girls accessorizing gay men, fetishizing gay men, taking pictures of two men (even underage boys) without permission, female teachers outing their gay students to their parents, and someone I deeply care about is nowdealing with her homophobic mother and threatening to keep her away from her girlfriend along with the numerous parents kicking and disowning their children or abusing them just for being gay. But go on saying only straight men are homophobic, while cherry picking and being disrespectful to the LGBT+ community just to further your anti male agenda. 


I unfollowed so many people because of this garbage. If you honestly believe this, you’re selfish as hell. 

thank you, you put that perfectly into words. I unfollowed the one who I reblogged this from

Anyone who uses an urban dictionary for social issues needs a reality check. 

FEMINIST NEWS: While righteously defending herself Camia Gamet savagely beat her boyfriend and stabbed him 11 times, using a Filet Knife to gut him like a Fish.




Like the Warrior Women of Olde (Whom We Will Provide Historical Evidence for Once We Find It), Camia Gamet struck down her penis wielding cishetmale boyfriend.

He had it coming, of course.

You know what, fuck it. I can’t even keep this up. She had a history of beating the shit out of her boyfriend until she finally killed him, at one point repeatedly assaulting him with a fucking hammer. Nobody intervened. Nobody helped. There was no shelter he could go to. He cried for help while she repeatedly stabbed him to death.

***And if we had gender-neutral laws and equal-access shelters, this would not have happened.*** This is one of thousands, tens of thousands of deaths that could be prevented. This blood is on the hands of feminist lobbyists and feminist policymakers. Tens of thousands of names like this, stories like this. There is a reason that this is important, there is a price of human lives until we get real equality, actual equality, and not the sham that feminism has been peddling.

(Asterisks and bold emphasis in the first sentence of the last paragraph added by me.)


I volunteer at a “family shelter” that until recently was exclusively reserved for women and children. The men’s shelter in our area received less than half of the public funding that ours does and eventually it was closed all together, leaving men with children no local options.

I saw men, literally battered and bloody, turned away. Sure, the center offered to keep their kids though… 'No, it's cool man. We'll take your kids and put them into the CPS system. You can figure out how to jump through all those hoops to get them back later. Go on back to that home where your wife poured scalding grease down your back and wait, ok? Everything will seem different in the morning.'

Sure, there are “men’s shelters” but those places are primarily used by addicted or mentally ill indigents and the services provided there are poorly suited to men suffering abuse or to children. Those places simply weren’t designed to meet those needs. They’re overcrowded, poorly funded and poorly managed, and often, the men we saw who went to those places were robbed, beaten and abused just badly as they were in the homes they were trying to escape.

Very recently though, our shelter opened a men’s wing. Since then every bed has been full, every single night. EVERY BED. EVERY NIGHT. We’ve already doubled legal and psychological support staff and there’s still more help needed. And more and more men keep coming. 

To be clear, ours is a crisis center. In order to qualify for residence there, one must be a guardian to at least one child, and there has to be physical abuse that has been documented by doctors AND police. These aren’t lazy or drama queening dudes who just want someplace to crash because they’ve been fighting with their partners. These are men who are being battered and their children harmed and who have absolutely no place left to run.

If you think that women are incapable of abusing men as profoundly as men abuse women…I can introduce you to some people who will change your mind. Like the guy who came in with glass in his scalp and cheek from where his wife ground a broken drinking glass into his face - for the second time. Or the one who was drugged to sleep and then raped with a zucchini by his girlfriend, who filmed the entire thing and shared it with her friends. Or the one who had his knee broken by a baseball bat when he came home and told his girlfriend he’d been fired. Or the one who set on fire because his wife thought he was cheating on him. Yeeahh, these guys should just man up and fight back right? Or maybe they deserved it somehow? (Pardon me while I puke.)

Regardless of what you think about the patriarchy, the domestic abuse suffered by men is real, and there is a very real deficit in social support resources for men who suffer that abuse.  


If you honestly signed that “destroy all cishets” petition, I have no respect for you.

You are why the amount of signatures had to be raised; because people were abusing the petition system for stupid shit like this. You are why petitions for legitimate causes have failed to reach their goal, because the limit had to be raised because assholes like you abused the system.

I hope you’re fucking proud of yourself.

Anonymous asked -- "Men are lauded for sleeping around while women are reviled!" No, not for awhile now. The behavior is generally treated pretty much the same... people who don't like it dislike it in both genders, while people who do like it or don't care about it feel the same about both genders. Feminists are tilting at a windmill that's already burned down, as far as society at large goes. 

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