Warren Farrell vs. protestors at U of Toronto “Boys to Men” speech - drwarrenfarrell

About 100 feminists protested an event on issues which effect men and boys. Talking about men in anything but a negative light is apparently hate speech against women. Posters advertising the event were defaced or torn down, people attending the event were abused and the police had to be called.

Farrell even says that when he started noticing the negative impact of fatherlessness, feminists said that men run the world therefore men having equal rights in regards to their children was not wanted and that mothers know best. He used to be a very popular feminist figure until he started addressing other issues as well. He observed that both sexes had power, obligations and responsibilities. As I see it, feminism completely erases the female side, denying that women ever had any value or control.

One startling fact is the suicide rates among boys. At ages 9 - 10, suicides among boys and girls are equal. At ages 11 - 14, the suicides of boys doubles. At 15 - 19, it’s 4 times as many. At 20 - 24 it’s between 5 and 6 times as many. So the idea that everything is for the benefit of men is utter bull.

The kinds of people he deals with are basically of the same mindset as the tumblr feminists.

Have you ever seen a large group of men violently opposing even addressing issues which effect women?

If girlwriteswhat is our queen, Warren Farrell is definitely our king.

I find it ironic that men are supposed to rule the world, have all the power, all the rights, etc, and yet, when they get up and start to discuss their own issues, they’re either shut down or ignored.

Nice gender role enforcement, too. Men aren’t supposed to talk about problems. They’re supposed to solve them. And they’re supposed to put the needs of others before their own. If they dare think of themselves first, people get pissed. 

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    People like that are why I’m an advocate for men’s rights, and while I joke that the extent of that is letting them wear...
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    Yep. Lets reinforce traditional gender roles for men. Thanks feminists.
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    i feel bad because i havent seen much by him…yet.